Passive Video Audio Balun with Power supply head, bnc to RJ45 Transmitter Transceiver for CCTV System ,WP-236

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    This video balun pair allows installers to transmit video, audio, and power for HD CCTV cameras. These baluns are great for HD cameras with built-in mics. The Baluns comes as a pair for the transmitting and receiving end to end of your cabling. Technicians connect their RJ45 cable to each end of the balun with a standard RJ-45 connector.

    The video is connected to the DVR and camera using a standard BNC connector. Audio uses RCA jacks, which can be converted to BNC if needed using a BNC to RCA converter. The maximum distance that can be achieved for video and power varies by the type of HD CCTV camera that your system uses and the resolution that you are transmitting.

    Please refer below.

    Max Cable Distances

    • Up to 320 Meters  for AHD 720P Cameras
    • Up to 250 Meters  for AHD 1080p Cameras
    • Up to 450 Meters  for HD-CVI 720P Cameras
    • Up to 250 Meters  for HD-CVI 1080P Cameras
    • Up to 250 Meters  for HD-TVI 720P / 1080P Cameras
    • Up to 320 Meters  for Analog CCTV Cameras (CVBS NTSC and PAL)
    6,500 CFA
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